BFS Ground Textures V1.0.1 | $11.25

Striving to be just like the product from REX, this ground texture pack accomplishes the same thing, but for less and helps fund my dreams of becoming a pilot one sale at a time (profits go to my get my PPL). This addons changes the color and look of the default textures and adds a crack filter to make textures look more worn and used. It also includes custom PBR texturing, mapping, and tire markings on taxiways and runways. Not convinced? See some photos! Having trouble installing or troubleshooting? Watch a tutorial video here. Contact us here. After purchasing, an email will be sent containing a download link.

Patchnotes for V1.0.1: An issue with textures appearing grainy at a distance has been fixed and a .bat file to change the amount of tire markings on the runway has been added, too.