Blue FS Store | About Me

My "name" is BFS Aviation, a 16 year old with ambitions to get my PPL. I started my YT to help others find ways to improve their sims, and now here I am making addons to fund my dream of getting my PPL and improving people's immersion along the way. Since I was young I was in love with aviation. Wanting to get my PPL, but lacking the money or support to get it, I decided to start a flight simulation addon company to help aid in paying for lessons along with giving me things to put on a scholarship application in the future. Running this solo is not easy, but I do have friends testing out what I release, and they give it thorough reviews and give me feedback on bugs and improvements. I hope that my company will grow and I will release more things. I hope to make an E145 at some point, but that is to be determined as I need more developers to help. Feel free to contact me if you want to help, and I hope you enjoy my products. My website and checkout process might not be perfect, but if there are any issues contact me. I hope to improve this in the future, and thank you for supporting my aspirations for becoming a pilot!